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Why is my meat pink?

The smoke ring is the red badge of honor of great barbecue. Many of you smoke fiends have seen it up close—that prized layer of pink under the bark (crust) in slow-smoked meats.

The "Mother Sauces" of barbecue

"Barbecue is 99% perspiration and 1% sauce."  


While sauce on its own is never enough to save bad barbecue, it can perfectly complement the flavors of good barbecue, giving it an identity and elevating it to greatness.


Pulled Pork- Wet or Dry?

When you're visiting your friends in the South, a few topics are sure to get people heated: SEC Football and barbecue. Often, the debate about barbecue is whether wet or dry is better. What exactly is the difference? 

Babies or Spares?

You wouldn’t think that there would be that big of a difference in these two types of ribs, but section that each is cut from makes a big difference in taste and tenderness.

Tips for Smokin' Meat

Here are some great tips on how to get the perfect smoked meat



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